What Is Cookie?

We would like to inform you about cookie types on our website, cookie usage purpose and settings, management and deletion of these cookies.

You can visit our website without providing any personal information and you can meet your need by learning about our products and services. We are using certain cookie to collect website usage information during visits. Our purpose here is to ensure easier use for our website visitors and to offer better operation.

A cookie is a small text file recorded on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website via your browser. Cookies enable more efficient website operation as well as offering personalised pages for a more suitable and faster visiting experience. Cookies only contain information about your past visits in an online environment and do not collect any information about any stored files on your computer or mobile device.

Cookie Types and Usage Purpose

Based on the validity period, there are two types of cookies as Permanent Cookie and Temporary Cookie. Temporary cookies are generated when you are visiting a website and valid until you close your browser. Permanent cookies are generated when you visit a website and stay there until you delete them or they expire. Permanent cookies are used to offer a personalised experience in line with your settings.

Cookie types and usage purposes are explained below.

How Are Cookies Collected?

Data are collected with devices you access to browsers. All this collected information is device-specific. If needed, these cookies can be deleted by the user and the access can be denied.

Cookie Policy

Gizliliğiniz bizim için önemlidir, gizlilik ve güvenlik haklarınız temel prensibimizdir.

Bu kapsamda, kişisel verilerin korunmasına dair aydınlatma metnimize buradan ulaşabilirsiniz.

Your privacy is important for us and your privacy and security rights are our fundamental principles.

Within this scope, you can view our clarification text on the protection of personal data from here.

How can you control the cookies?

You can delete the existing cookies on your computer and prevent cookie storing/placement on your web browser.

Your internet browsers automatically and by default accept cookies. Since cookies are managed differently on different browsers, you can check your browser or application helpdesk to learn more.

For example.

You can manage cookies from “Google Chrome -> Settings -> Advanced -> Privacy and Security -> Website Settings -> Cookies and Website Data -> Permit websites to store and read cookie data”.

You can also use “Internet Explorer -> Settings -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Advanced Settings” menu.

The majority of internet browsers allow the following:

View recorded cookies and delete any cookie.

Prevent third-party cookies

Prevent cookies from certain websites

Prevent all cookies

Delete all cookies when the internet browser is closed

If you opt for deleting the cookies, your related website preferences will be deleted. Additionally, if you opt for blocking the cookies entirely, various websites and digital platforms including waldoroyal.com websites might not function properly.

To Check Mobile Device Cookies:

On Apple Devices

You can clean your search history and cookies from “Settings -> Safari -> Delete History and Website Data”.

If you want to delete cookies and keep your history, you can follow “Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> Website Data -> Select All Website Data”.

If you don’t want your past data to be stored when you are visiting a website,

You can activate private browsing from “Safari -> Symbol -> Private -> Completed”.

You can block the cookies from the “Settings -> Safari -> Block All Cookies” steps. But when you block the cookies, some website and properties might not function properly.

On Android Devices:

You can clean cookies from “Chrome application -> Settings -> Privacy -> Delete browsing data -> Delete cookies, media licences and website data -> Delete Data”.

You can allow or block cookies from “Chrome Application -> Settings -> Website Settings -> Cookies”.