The value under the ground

MAGMADA DRILLING offers correct and quality services with its experience and know-how.

Our company was established in 2019 as PROTEKNIK DRILLING private firm and re-structured in 2021 as MAGMADA SONDAJ limited liability company.

MAGMADA DRILLING is an engineering and drilling company that possesses over a decade of drilling experience and conducts its operations with expert teams. Our company that aims to bring a new vision to the drilling sector with its young, dynamic and innovative team creates solutions to meet your needs and offers satisfaction-focused services.

Our main principle in this journey that we have started with fast and quality solution principles is an engineering discipline. As MAGMADA team, we offer drilling operations that form the basis of the mining sector by following this main principle. The purpose of our expert team with drilling experience in all fields is to be the best in the sector and reflect the professionality of engineering in the field.


Expertise, discipline and sensitivity

We have completed various medium- and large-scale projects in mining drilling geotechnical drilling, soil survey and engineering fields with our expert team.

We are continuously up-to-date with the researcher team and the newest equipment.

Our Principles

Our principles are accuracy, innovation, following scientific methods and being a researcher.

Our Mission

We are offering quality, fast and accurate services in drilling, soil survey and engineering fields.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most reputable and successful company in our activity area.